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What Is A Router?

In our homes, a router allows communication between our home network (laptops, TVs, phones, etc) and the internet. It helps puts the “Smart” in “smart devices”!

A router allows you to connect more than one thing to the internet at a time, and directs each “packet” of information to the device it needs to go to (each device gets delivered its own information, so your google search for “Monkeys wearing capes” won’t show up on anyone else’s phone or laptop without you wanting it to!).

What types of routers are there?

There are two popular types of routers for home use.

  • Wired: An ethernet cable connects the router to the modem, and you have to use cables to connect any of your home devices to that router.
  • Wireless: You still connect the modem and router through an ethernet cable, but the wireless router converts the information into wifi signals (which means no need for more cables!).

There are many different router brands available, with Linksys, Cisco, and D-Link being among the more popular, however Apsis recommends the airCube AC Home Wi-Fi. It’s perfect for almost all homes and is a compact, visually appealing router. We’d be happy to talk you through all the benefits and special features that make it our most popular choice!

How do routers work?

Routers act like small computers. They have memory and CPUs (central processing units) to sort all the incoming and outgoing data that runs through them. Essentially, routers not only help you connect your devices to the internet, but also act as the first line of defence for online security.

With this added security, it’s important to update or upgrade your router every 3-4 years. This helps protect your devices from different online threats like hackers and computer viruses, and also improves your wifi signals for a faster, more reliable internet.

We know that it’s easy to overlook updates and upgrades, but doing so could be very frustrating in the long run. If your zoom calls are glitchy or get dropped because someone is streaming something else, it’s time for an upgrade!

What happens if my router isn’t working properly?

Apsis recommends the airCube AC as a router because of how reliable and fast it is but, like everything, glitches and issues sometimes happen. No matter what brand of router you have, if your internet is cutting out or causing you issues, try this quick tip:

Unplug the power cord from the back of the router for 30 seconds, and then plug it back in! It’ll take a minute or two to boot back up, but it’s amazing how often that simple act fixes a variety of issues (not just for routers either- this can work for your modem too!).

If that doesn’t work, and you don’t have our airCube, we may have to send out a technician. If you have the airCube AC, our technicians can access the device remotely. Most of the time we are able to troubleshoot and fix the issue from our offices. This means no waiting around for someone to come to your home unless absolutely necessary!

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