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How Does The Number Of Devices Impact Your WiFi Network?

These days, chances are that you have more than one ‘smart’ device in your home-TVs, watches, phones, or home assistants (Google or Alexa). As technology improves, and Internet of Things (IoT) technology crosses more into everyday life, you could be wondering if you need to upgrade your internet to keep up with your devices.

This depends on a few factors: The devices you have, what you’re using them for, your internet package, and your router.

What devices do you have?

In the average home, smart gadgets such as thermostats, watches, and smoke detectors are becoming more and more common. Luckily, they have little to no effect on your WiFi. They send small bursts of information, but so little data that they shouldn’t interfere with your usage (unless you have over 200 of them, then maybe we need to talk!).

The main devices that could impact your WiFi are the ones you use to download and upload large amounts of content. Laptops, smart TVs, phones, or anything you use to stream things like YouTube, Netflix, or an online game.

How many devices can I reliably use with Apsis?

When it comes to internet usage, you have to make sure your plan allows for enough speed, bandwidth, and data capabilities. We at Apsis have internet plans to suit everyone’s needs, all with unlimited data. From households with 1-3 devices to homes with 10 or more devices streaming at once, we have you covered! No more cut off zoom meetings when your teen joins their friends on the latest gaming raid (or you… No judgment- we love gaming too!). Just fast, reliable internet designed for you!

The next most important aspect to consider is your router’s capabilities.

What router do you currently have?

All wireless routers will connect your devices to WiFi. However, what router you have could be affecting how many devices you can connect to at one time, or even the quality of one or two connections.

Dual Band and Tri-band routers have at least two bands for devices to connect to. One for newer, faster devices, and a lower band for devices that are older, or don’t require as much speed. This allows for more devices to connect without as much impact to your connectivity.

Our recommended wireless router, the airCube AC, has top of the line AC multiband technology which is faster, more reliable, and powerful enough that we use them in our own offices.

Where to put your wireless router?

If you don’t have too many devices streaming at one time, but still having connection issues, take a look at where your wireless router is located in your home. We often don’t think about the placement of our routers when looking at device interference.

Home appliances like microwaves and radios, as well as building materials such as concrete, steel, and brick, can interfere with the radio waves used to transmit data from the router to your devices. We encourage our clients to try and keep their routers and modems on the main floor, away from the kitchen, and in an open area to allow for signal flow.

With the right internet package, and a good router, the number of devices shouldn’t have an impact on your WiFi Network. If you find your WiFi connectivity too slow or glitchy when there are a few devices streaming at once, it may be time to upgrade your internet package, your router, or both.

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