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Apsis Adult Content Filter
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What is ACF?

In order to help keep your children safe from adult content, Apsis Communications has put in place an adult content filter. This system will help prevent your children’s devices from accessing all the material you don’t want them seeing on the internet.

This will reduce the chances that they may come across pornography, nudity, violence, and foul language. It stops websites rated 18+ in their tracks.

And good news! you only need to enable it on your child’s device. So your devices can view everything deplorable the internet has to offer!

Hey! have you tried ACF?

ACF (Adult content filter) allows parents to restrict children's online activity, and block adult websites. Service included free with your subscription to Apsis Internet

Apsis Communications has I.T. personnel available to service and initiate the Apsis ACF, for more information you may call us at
+1 866-954-5176 or send a message to our staff in the contact section.